Speaker | Educator | Researcher | Musician Paperslide Creator | Movement Advocate


Dr. Lodge McCammon’s career began in 2003 at Wakefield High School in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he taught Civics and AP Economics. He received a Ph.D. from NC State University in 2008 and continued his work by developing innovative classroom strategies (e.g., paperslide videos) and sharing them with students, teachers and schools across the world. His expertise lies in (1) improving teacher quality by emphasizing the importance of transparency, efficiency, reflective practice, and relationships, and (2) helping teachers create healthy learning environments that are highly collaborative, differentiated, and engaging. McCammon is also a professional musician who composes and performs educational songs, with supporting materials, about advanced curriculum for K-12 classrooms. Popular subject areas include algebra, chemistry, and U.S. history. His songs and related materials can be found in Discovery Education Streaming. Dr. McCammon is an independent education consultant who provides professional services, including keynote speeches, presentations, curriculum development, and a variety of training programs.

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