“What a great learning experience with so many new tools for engagement. I enjoyed our discussions, I left with new skills, new ideas, and a lot to think about. Thank you so much!”
-Malia Blake (English Teacher) West Johnston High School, NC

“I met Dr. Lodge McCammon at the OETC IntegratED conference last year in Portland—not only was his keynote presentation amazing, but he was fascinating to talk to. If you are an educator you’ve got to check out his website! And I can’t wait to read his new book!”
-Alyssa Tormala, M.Ed, J.D. (Instructional Technology Coach) St. Mary’s Academy, OR

“Dr. Lodge got the audience up and moving, laughing, and thinking during our Big Data event. He is a talented speaker who knows how to engage an audience.”
-Dr. Brandy Parker (Workforce Analytics Manager) Johnson & Johnson

“Absolutely everyone was thrilled with your keynote (and some have described your keynote as the best they’ve ever seen or attended). Thank you.”
-Mina Matthews (Senior Instructional Designer) University of Maine System, ME

“One of the highlights of the week was working with Dr. Lodge McCammon. Lodge (as he is affectionately called by all his groupies) is a genius when it comes to using media in the classroom. He has a wonderful self-effacing sense of humor that turns his apparent geekiness into the King of Cool.”
–Tim Childers (Assistant Principal) L&N STEM Academy, TN

“Your keynote answered a question that I get asked constantly. ’Greg, where do we find the time?’  I can’t tell you how happy I am to have a solution that I can provide.”
-Greg Miller (Chief Student Achievement Officer) Boyertown Area School District, PA

“Lodge has the ability to make good teachers into awesome teachers.”
-Nicole Bowling (Regional Performance Manager) Novozymes

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