booking LMThe McCammon Method of teaching leverages these simple and powerful research-based instructional strategies that can be used by any teacher, every day to encourage students to strengthen their active listening, collaboration, critical thinking, creative thinking and communication skills. It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

1. All of my lectures are recorded and published, creating a self-paced learning resource for my students. They can watch my 1-take lecture videos anywhere, any time and as many times as they need in order to process the information. According to research, self-paced learning environments created by a trusted teacher can increase student achievement. We also know that these video lectures can be 60-80% shorter than live lectures that cover the same information. My videos free up a significant amount of class time that I can use to challenge students to be active in their learning.

2. Throughout every lesson, I challenge my students to work in groups to re-teach the content, assigning them to create, review and reflect on 1-take lecture or #paperslide videos. This is the best way for me to know if they learned what I wanted them to learn. Based on what we know from research, if you want students to remember something, just point a video camera in their direction and challenge them to teach.

3. I take every opportunity throughout each lesson to get students out of their seats, up and moving. Movement increases blood flow to the brain and can promote attention, memory, creativity and achievement.

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