Lesson Plan

This video is a “lecture” because it presents the content found in this song. This video is kinesthetic because it connects that content to a series of movements. The purpose of the Kinesthetic Lecture (KL) is to better engage students (research) while they learn content and to provide a simple guide for creating powerful music videos. Check out the complete kinesthetic lesson plan for the song “Natural Satellites” about the solar system or watch a group of students performing these KL movements. Click here to learn more about how I come up with the KL movements.

Step 1: Students understand
Students listen to the song, discuss the lyrics, and watch & participate in the KL video series.

Step 2: Students get moving and demonstrate
Students film a “flash mob” while performing the KL movements along with the song. – sample

Step 3: Students analyze & evaluate
In small groups, students analyze each movement of the KL and determine what specific content each movement is attempting to illustrate — and evaluate whether or not that movement does an adequate job at expressing the content.

Step 4: Students present
Students share their findings with the class.

Step 5: Students create
In small groups, students use what they learned from analysis and evaluation in order to design and practice their own kinesthetic movements that have strong connections to the content.

Step 6: Students publish
Students film and publish a music video, sharing their kinesthetic movements and ideas with the global audience. – processsamples

Step 7: Students analyze and evaluate
In small groups, students reflect on their performance by analyzing and evaluating their video. Prompt them to discuss what went well and what can be improved for future performances.

Step 8: Students present
Students share their findings with the class – answering the question; “what will we do next time to make our content/performance stronger?”