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5 Principles of Modeling-Based Professional Development: This professional development philosophy makes for more efficient, engaging, inspirational, active and sustainable programs. During each session, educators participate in a series of modeled lessons so they can experience new and exciting teaching methods. After each lesson, participants are challenged to discuss how the modeled strategies can be adapted for their classrooms.
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Workshop topics:
The McCammon Method
How to Live Forever
Movement & Exercise in the Digital Classroom
Walk & Talk – Activate the Brain
Kinesthetics – Connecting Physical Activity & Content
Flip the Meeting – Increase Efficiency & Productivity
Enhancing Corporate/Business Training
Modeling-Based Professional Development
Flipping Professional Development
Rethinking Teacher Accountability
Rethinking Student Accountability
Flipping The Classroom
Flipping The Classroom (Higher Ed)
Training a New Teacher Workforce
Flipped Instruction Research & Data
Rigorous Teaching & Learning
Filming Lecture Content
Classroom Efficiency
Reflective Practice
The Power of Relationships
Student Creation, Publishing & Engagement
Paperslide – Rapid Video Creation for the Classroom
Differentiated Instruction
Teamwork & Collaboration
Curriculum Development
Arts Integration –  STEM to STEAM
Integrating Music into the K-12 Classroom