Learning Stand Up

Wanna know what I know about stand up comedy? Looking for a fresh perspective? I created this for you! My #LearningStandUp video series is an attempt to demystify the craft. Also, if you’re looking to make school funny, check out my #ClassroomComedy video series!

Comedy Formula Overview & Dramatic Elements
How Laughter Works
Broken Expectations in Normal Conversations
Comedy Formula (Simple Live Example)
Epic Fail Videos & Stretched Expectations
Comedy Formula (Story Live Example)
Comedy Formula (Not Jokes)
3 Elements of Stand-Up Comedy
Writing Punchlines (5 Guiding Questions)
Telling Stories & Data Collection
Recording Your Jokes
Analyzing Jokes
Write 100 Jokes

If you’re interested in an academic view of stand up comedy, read A Vulgar Art by Ian Brodie and you’re looking for step-by-step joke writing help, check out Jerry Corley and Greg Dean.