Starting his music career at two years old, Dr. Lodge grew into a talented, award-winning, multi-instrumentalist. He later discovered a passion for teaching and learning which lead to his earning a PhD in Education from NC State in 2008. Dr. Lodge’s combined interest in music and education is the catalyst for his work; he composes and records songs about math, science, social studies, and language arts that are used in thousands of elementary, middle, and high school classrooms.

Dr. Lodge’s songs are licensed internationally by Discovery Education (part of the Discovery Channel) and are accessible to over 60% of schools in the US. His educational songs have hundreds of thousands of downloads in Discovery Education Streaming and are used by teachers all over the world to help students learn a variety of concepts, from fractions to World War II. He is currently working on what he calls the “50 States Album.” He is writing one song about every state in the US, focused on the basic history, geography, and economics.

Dr. Lodge is an advocate for the use of exercise and movement in the classroom. To compliment his education music, he creates kinesthetic lectures, which are movements that correspond to his song lyrics. Research shows that getting students up and moving is critical for both their health and their learning. Students who are more physically active have increased memory, attention, creativity, and achievement. Dr. Lodge has traveled around the country promoting the use his educational songs to get students out of their seats and physically active in music-based lessons. He has worked with thousands of teachers and students, inspiring them to learn through the power of music.
Social Studies
Language Arts